Additional fees will apply outside our area. We cover all of Long Island.

  • Regular Drop in Visits/Walks:

    Each regular visit can include a feeding and water change if needed. We can use this time to take your dog for a walk or playtime in the backyard, we are here for whatever you need!

  • Dog walk/Drop In

    30 minutes

  • Dog walk/Drop In

    45 minutes

  • Dog walk/Drop In

    60 minutes

  • Cat Visit

    Includes feeding, Water, Litter box cleaning, Love & Attention

  • Exotic Visit

    Includes feeding, Water, Cage or Tank cleaning, Love & Attention for Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, & Chickens

  • Litter Box Cleaning Service

    Includes Litter box cleaning for those who are unable to clean litter, for Pregnant Women and those with Respiratory Issues

  • Overnights:

    Sitter “lives” in your home while you are away and never leaves your animals alone for more than 4 to 5 hours at a time. Keep same routine with animals as if owner were home. Can water plants and bring in mail at owners request.

  • Almost Overnight

    Two hours in the Evening and One hour the following Morning. Additional time may be booked as a drop in visit.

  • Standard Overnight

    Sitter in home from Bed time until Breakfast with One drop in Mid Day. May add additional drop ins separately

  • Premium Overnight

    Live in care. Petsitter lives in your home as if it were their own! Guarantee your pets will not be left alone for more then four hours at a time. Booked as 24 hour periods

  • Private Boarding - $150 for 1 dog & $225 for 2 dogs

    Private boarding in a home like environment. Fully fenced in yards. As Pup Pros, we know exactly how to help your dog settle in and you’ll get lots of Pupdates & photos of your happy camper enjoying toys, treats, exercise, enrichment activities and naps! Best of all, we only schedule one dog (or siblings) at a time, and they are always treated like family!

    $150 - $225
  • Pet Pickup/Transport

    This services is usually for trips to the vet or groomer, purchase of supplies, etc. Call us to discuss distance & pricing

  • Wedding/Event Pet Attendant

    We are here to bring your pet to your special events! We can assist them in part of a service or ceremony, or we can even bring them briefly for pictures. We will work around your needs & services will be billed hourly per caregiver. Contact us for a consultation for this service

  • Day Time Companion

    Full Day Companion for your Dog(s)

  • Doggy Adventures

    Taking your dog out hiking or to a store or any other adventure of your choosing

  • Social Field Trips

    We will bring 1-2 friendly dogs along to socialize your pup! (Vaccines must be up to date)

  • Horse Care

    Services will be billed hourly per caregiver. Price varies depending on your setup and needs. Contact us for a free consultation for this service. These visits can include feeding, feet cleaning, grooming, lunging, clean up of pastures & mucking stalls


More than 3 animals there will be an extra charge of $5.00 per visit


In addition to your scheduled service rate
  • Holiday Rate (Per Visit)

    Memorial Day
    Independence Day (July 4th)
    Labor Day
    Christmas Eve & Day
    New Year’s Eve & Day
    Easter Sunday

    Regular Visit + Half


  • At Least 24 Hours Prior

    No Charge

  • 12 Hours Prior Cancellation

    50% of Scheduled Service Rate Owed, Other 50% as a CREDIT on your Account

  • Same Day Cancellation

    100% of Scheduled Service Rate Owed

  • Overnight/Boarding/Vacation Cancellation

    50% of Scheduled Service Rate Owed if Cancellation is BEFORE 48 Hours, Other 50% as a CREDIT on your Account

  • Overnight/Boarding/Vacation Cancellation

    100% of Scheduled Service Rate Owed if Cancellation is AFTER 48 hours BEFORE Services are to Start. NO Credit or Refund will be Given

  • Holiday Cancellation

    100% of Scheduled Service Rate Owed

Thank you in advance for adhering to these policies.


Long Island, NY

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